An Evening With Christian Nyampeta
A mixtape streaming temporarily on music platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Tidal, from 21 December 2020

1. Evening News

Most of my recordings tend to be made with a particular receiver in mind and this recording is no different for it was composed for the attention of my collaborator, musician Julien Simbi. Julien is, in fact, the first to receive most of the compositions I finish and I have taken up composition a bit more seriously in order to be able to discuss “musically” some ideas that inform Julien and I’s long-term collaborations, including Julien’s soundtracks for my films, a radio play currently in development with WIELS Contemporary and Chimurenga Pan African Space Station, and other collaborative music projects.

This track is made using samples and existing loops as a way to learn how to play the electronic keyboard, the title of the song reflecting the need to remaining sensitive to the actualities by refusing the numbing, desensitising effects the current news cycles have.